Thursday, 1 March 2012

Harry, Martha and David McGarvey

The last three children of James and Mary Ann McGarvey are Henry, Martha and David.
Henry known as Harry McGarvey was born on 27 May 1914.

He married Sadie and had three children, Samuel, Vivien and Vera McGarvey.

Harry's family still live in the Shore Road area and I attended Seaview Primary School with his Great Grandson Glenn.

Harry died in the 1970s. *Another associated name on this line is Mitchell.

Martha Jane McGarvey, or Mattie as she was known, was born on 27 February 1916.  This is the first time James, her father has been recorded as a Bundling Master.

She lived in Leeds with her husband Charlie and had several children.
She was profoundly deaf and died in the mid 1970s.

David McGarvey was the youngest child of James and Mary Ann.

He was born in 1918 when Mary Ann was 42
years old, and his eldest brother Tommy was 21.

He served in the army in World War II and was evacuated from Dunkirk with serious injuries.

British troops escaping from Dunkirk in lifeboats (France, 1940)

He was married to Matilda (Tilly) and lived in Ballygomartin with their two children.

David died also died in the 1970s.

And so that completes the 12 children of James and Mary Ann McGarvey.

We aren't in contact with the descendants of most of these people.  Please get in touch if you are a friend or relative of one of my McGarvey's.  I'd love to know where we all ended up!

A relative has just forwarded me this photo of William John (Billy) McGarvey, third child of James and Mary Ann.

Billy McGarvey with one of his Champion Irish Terriers, possibly 'Kel Mac Terry the Boy'.

You can read more about Billy here: Tommy, Elizabeth and Billy McGarvey