Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My Moneymore McGarveys

I have been researching various families for a few years and thought it was about time I started to reach out to other people and see if I have long lost family out there.  Despite not knowing my grandparents, my mother always told me the stories that her father told her, and I have always felt as if I did know them.  Stories ranged from the time the lion escaped from the Circus and was found in a kitchen across the street to how my Grandfather was a fire watcher during the war.  My McGarvey family are from Moneymore near Cookstown, a place I have never visited.  My Great Grandfather James McGarvey came to Belfast with his parents William and Jane McGarvey.  He remained in Belfast, marrying Mary Ann Robinson in 1897 and together they had 12 children.  The family home was in Seaview Street in North Belfast.  Eleven members of the family are photographed below: 

L to R: Minnie, Joe, Peggy, Martha, Great Grandmother Mary Ann, Tommy, Great Grandfather James, Bobby, Alfred (My Grandfather), Billy, Henry. David is missing and Elizabeth and Sam has already died.

So, if you knew or are related to any of these McGarvey's, let me know.  I'll be sharing what I know about the family and hope to find some long lost cousins!  Their full names are:  
  • Thomas James (b1897)
  • Elizabeth (b1900)
  • William John (b1901)
  • Joseph (b1903)
  • Alfred Walker (b1905)
  • Robert McFall (b1907)
  • Mary Ann (Minnie) (b1908)
  • Agnes (Peggy) (b1910)
  • Samuel (b1912)
  • Henry (Harry) (b1914)
  • Martha (Mattie) (b1916)
  • David (b1918)



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